Saturday, February 28, 2015

Frontier Days in Charlotte Harbor

Charlotte Harbor, the community right across the bridge from Punta Gorda, is the oldest community in what is now Charlotte County.  It was settled right after the Civil War.  According to Vernon Peeples account in Punta Gorda and the Charlotte Harbor Area, A Pictorial Account, by 1872 a post office had been established.  The first school, church, store and voting precinct were there as well along what was Front Street, now Bayshore Drive.  It was truly a Florida frontier.  And today the pioneer history of our region was celebrated there where it began.

Two students make candles the old-fashioned way. 

Polk Polk, Charlotte County Property Appraiser, dishes out some swamp cabbage. 

Mike Haymans dressed up for the occasion.  

Churning the Butter Ladies. 

Frank Desquin enjoying the day

Civil War Re-enacting 

Phil Wilson entertains at the event.  

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